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Thursday Jan 20 OPEN

Friday Jan 21 OPEN

Saturday Jan 22 OPEN

Sunday Jan 23 OPEN

Monday Jan 24 OPEN

Tuesday Jan 25 OPEN

Wednesday Jan 26 OPEN 

Thursday Jan 27 CLOSED

Friday Jan 28 OPEN

Saturday Jan 29 OPEN

Sunday Jan 30 OPEN

Monday 31 to Friday Feb 4 CLOSED

Saturday Feb 5 OPEN

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Bring your energy and get ready for fun!

Aqua Island is an enormous "floating playground" with obstacles waiting for you to conquer with your friends and family. Open seasonally (usually December to mid April, determined by weather) we invite you to enjoy our adrenaline attraction.

Sessions run for 3 hours and cost $25 per participant going on the park.  No charge for Spectators.  We recommend pre-booking via the BOOK ONLINE button above to avoid missing out as numbers are limited for each session.  If you haven't booked you can turn up any time during the session and we will get you on as soon as we can.  If you plan to rock up without a booking please check our website to ensure we are open.

The only way to ensure your session is to BOOK ONLINE - we do not take bookings over the phone or reserve places for you to just turn up.

All participants on the park must be able to swim and wear a life-jacket.  You can bring your own life jacket or wear one that we supply.  Minimum age is 3 and kids between 3 and 7 require a paying adult on the park with them. 1 adult can supervise 3 kids. Kids between 8 and 12 need an adult supervising either on the park or as as spectator.

We have lifeguards on duty at all times the park is open and every participant must have a signed waiver as part of entry to the park.  Save yourself sometime and complete your waiver prior to check in - you can DOWNLOAD YOUR WAIVER from the button above.

If you get peckish we have food and drinks for sale from our kiosk, shade sails and picnic tables are available for spectators and guests. 

We are located at 1725 Perricoota Rd which is 15 minutes from the Cobb Highway turnoff. There is a large billboard on Perricoota Road indicating where to turn.  We can't wait to see you this summer!





ADDRESS: 1725 Perricoota Road, Moama NSW 2731

TEL: 0488 ISLAND ( 475 263)   |  info@aquaisland.com.au