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What is a 3 hour session

Download Waiver 

  • Prior to arriving at Aqua Island check the website to make sure we are open or not fully booked

  • We recommend you turn up at least 15 minutes prior to the start of your session if you want to get the full experience

  • You can turn up after the start of the session and we will get you checked in and on the park as quickly as possible. Our priority is to get those who come early organised first

  • If you have a booking bring your booking number and the name the booking is under.

  • If you have a group booking you will have a reserved table. Tables and seats are provided on a first come first served basis. You are welcome to bring your own or a rug

  • If you do not have a booking you can pay on the day either cash or card

  • You need to complete a waiver for each person going on the park and each spectator (printing it off from our website and filling it in before you arrive saves you a lot of time)

  • We provide a wrist band for each person going on the park that must be worn the whole time you are here

  • If you need to get changed head over to our change rooms

  • Once you are checked in go to the lifejacket area to receive your lifejacket.

  • You then must attend a safety briefing

  • Once all that is done you can swim out to the aqua fun park and start having the best time ever

  • You can get off and on the park as many times as you like

  • The kiosk is available for food and drinks purchases during your session

  • 15 minutes prior to the end of your session the staff will tell you it’s time to get your last bit of fun on the park and swim to shore.

  • You then return your lifejacket, use the change rooms to get changed, pack up your belongings, grab some last minute food or drinks from the kiosk and head off to the carpark

  • Morning seasons finish at 1pm. Morning session people need to vacate the tables and chairs for the afternoon session people

  • Afternoon sessions finish at 4.15pm

  • We appreciate you respecting the session end times and be packed up ready to go on time.

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